last night five of us were laying on these bleachers at the park staring at the stars because it was an insanely clear night and i asked something i ask anyone once i feel close to them: if you could do anything with your life, what would you do? one of my friends said he’d be a veterinarian and i told him this is fantasy, to do whatever he wants not just what’s interesting but also practical and he said that’s exactly what he wants and it’s what he’s in school for now so I was amused by how he’s truly chasing his dreams and he said “why shouldn’t i?”

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#sick mouse
#he asked what I wanted later
#and I told him I want to travel and learn about culture and connect it to environmentalism like how the environment affects culture and vice versa
#and told me he thinks I should do it that it would be good for me and there's no reason not to
#he's so right
#why shouldn't we chase our dreams?
#he also wants to be a headlining musician on the side though
#but most of my closest friends are like in STEM programs but wish they could also pursue music or art
#my friends are cool artsy scientists/doctors/mathematicians/engineers